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Ecological origins of the door

"Eco-door" from the "eco home" in a concept derived. Ecology home the first from some European countries focus on ecological protection, which the natural environment is a comprehensive environmental concept, which includes a combination of factors: sound, light, water quality, geology, green rate, resilience, etc.; ventilation, ventilation, sunshine, light, air cleanliness, temperature, relative humidity, building materials, decoration materials and construction technology, interior space environment. According to ecological indicators, which should be kept at room temperature throughout the year at 17 ℃ ~ 27 ℃, relative humidity 40% ~ 70%. Home is the key to eco-environmental protection and health, which is higher than the "green home" standards, not only the hardware requirements, as well as human needs, pay attention to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature 。
"Eco-door" is "eco home" an important element, in this sense, more attention to ecological eco-door, pay attention to the harmony between man and nature, is a human product, which is often seen than solid wood door, composite door for more meaning in which some social 。
Eco-door is built on the basis of natural-based, use of natural and artificial means to create conditions conducive to living a comfortable, healthy products. In the timber, and not blindly abuse of natural resources, but the use of artificial, composite, recyclable materials, natural sound, thus contributing to the large ecological environment, the establishment of harmonious living environment.
At present, the ecological door truly reflects the effect of eco-home is the area of living room door to create a revolutionary and disruptive products, with some cross-age significance. Because it is not only environmentally friendly, simple, stylish, durable performance was more perfect, but also to give more human factors, which is rare in the other categories of products, and now with a whole wardrobe of these are better, increasingly The more consumers begin to accept the ecology door 。

Qianxun Eco-door Features and Benefits

1、Notes of the product safety standard of environmental protection is absolutely a selling point, concise, avant-garde, durable, durable, and making the materials used in eco-door, tasteless non-toxic, use, save time, and does not require any post-processing 。
2、Side frames and doors with high-tech aluminum-magnesium alloy package of aircraft aluminum refining, surface treatment by anodic oxidation, hardness at 12 degrees, full metal texture, wear and pressure, high strength, never fade, never deformation. Casting frame structure manufactured by the overall pressure, which can achieve seamless, sealed, noise effect. Aluminum frame is eight points: A, D box, silver sand, width 70mm; B box of soda ash sand, width 50mm; C inserted wooden sand box of soda ash, width 70mm; E box, champagne, width 80mm, G-color box drawing gun , width 70mm; H box dark gray sand, width 70mm; F3 frame aluminum frame insert molding, width 70mm. F3 box, easy installation, fast, fashionable style, door pocket size can be adjusted with the wall. Thousands of frames in three color series: C1 black and silver; C2 brown; C3 golden
3、Core doors with solid wood finger-party materials and aluminum honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb is used by the system of high-performance aluminum, honeycomb doors to withstand efforts to Chihiro has good endurance and environmental performance 。
4、Rich and diverse variety of doors, drawing broad facade material with 100% pure quality environmentally friendly metal emperor dragon plate, anti-grain leather, imported decorative panels (fireproof board), glass (plain, steel, enhanced) and so on. Tide resistant doors, insulation, mold, noise, dust, fire resistance, wear and impact resistance, deformation, discoloration and other functions, no matter what the panel, the most important point is that no environmental pollution, and strive to environmental protection. ; And the doors and door frames can mix, exchange; between the wall and door pockets, door pockets and between the doors, between the frame and the surfaces are ultra-precision combination of the parts are filled with sealing strip connection, ensure good sound insulation.
5、German special noise bar owner, has an excellent seal, anti-aging, good flexibility, green
6、Patented product technology, can be adjustable with the wall size, easy installation, fast, fast is 10-15 minutes, without on-site processing, and does not damage the wall, there is no processing of dust 。
7、With "Chinese famous brand" and "green building materials in China," and other certificates
8、Qianxun Company using German technology, product quality management in Germany escort. Has a strict quality system, professionals closely follows the ISO9002 international quality certification standards for each product to rigorous testing. Fully compliant to the factory for installation.
9、Leading, innovative, avant-garde designs. Grand launch of the company with a strong sense of family leisure Door :
Wood Series
Paper Door
Paper wood composite series
Metal Series
Velvet and wood combination series

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